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International Fortepiano Salon  
now in our third season


early pianos.

livestreamed from the fortepianist's studio 


Your hosts

Yiheng Photo Headshot.jpg
Yi-heng Yang 
Faculty, The Juilliard School 

pianist and fortepianist

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A uniquely online fortepiano salon gathering.
Engage with other early music lovers and enrich your knowledge about historical pianos and performance practice. 

View our recent Salon from September 10th

"Guests at the Table: New Voices from the 18th c. Galant" 

The music of Jane Mary Guest (1762-1846) and Marianne Martines (1744-1812)



We enjoyed another illuminating and entertaining Salon, with informative discussion and excellent music-making on early pianos. Our focus this episode was on two women composers of the galant era-- Jane Mary Guest and Marianne Martines--  whose music deserves to be heard and appreciated for their mastery of composition and authenticity of voice. 


Featuring guest artist and fortepianist Patricia Garcia Gil, and your hosts Yi-heng Yang and Maria Rose

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Pick a Topic, Watch a Past Salon

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