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International Fortepiano Salon  
now in its third season

     early pianos.

livestreamed from the fortepianist's      studio 


IFS is thrilled to welcome our new co-host, Patricia Garcia-Gil!

Your hosts

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Patricia Garcia-Gil, fortepianist
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Yi-heng Yang 
Faculty, The Juilliard School 

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A unique online fortepiano salon gathering.
Engage with other early music lovers and enrich your knowledge about historical pianos and performance practice. 

Sunday May 19 24, 2 pm EDT, 7 pm CET

Fortepianist Keiko Shichijo:
"Mozart on the Stein Piano"

Pianist & fortepianist Keiko Shichijo is a special voice in both the Classical and new music worlds. Her traditional Japanese sensibilities combined with her knowledge of European historical performance practices shape her unique vision, and this is reflected in her feeling for the music, the instruments and the story behind them. 


Hailing from Japan and residing in the Netherlands for more than a decade, she is active around the world playing both solo and chamber music. She is a prizewinner in many international competitions, including twice the International Early Music Competition (solo and duo) in Brugge, Belgium, the International Early Music Competition "A Tre" in Trossingen in Germany and the Minkoff Prize from the music publisher, Edition Minkoff, and has performed in many international festivals such as the festivals Printemps Des Arts (France), Utrecht Oude Muziek Festival (Holland), MA Festival (Belgium), La Folle Journée Tokyo (Japan). In 2012, the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments in Japan released her first fortepiano solo CD of works by Schubert.

Her second solo CD “6 Dances by Komitas Vardapet”, released in 2016, earned unanimous praise in the international press and was featured on the national Dutch TV program Vrije Geluiden.


Keiko Shichijo has a violin/fortepiano duo with renowned violinist Cecilia Bernardini which performs regularly throughout Europe.


As a specialist in contemporary music Keiko has worked with many composers, including Helmut Lachenmann, Tom Johnson, Johannes Kalitzke, Jürg Frey, Roscoe Mitchell en Bernhard Lang. 


She is a piano and fortepiano professor at the Fontys Academy for Music and Performing Arts Tilburg in the Netherlands, a piano professor at KASK & Conservatorium School of Arts Gent in Belgium.

View a Salon from February 18th, 2024

“Dancing the Minuet to the Fortepiano”

The Baroque minuet contained all the musical attributes that would make it remain as the most popular dance form- whether to be danced or not- throughout the 18th century: a pleasing character, a simple texture, and regular, clearly delineated phrases. When playing minuets on the fortepiano, how do you make them dance? By asking a choreographer of course! Join choreographer Julia Bengtsson and fortepianist Patricia Garcia Gil in an exploration of the inherent connection between dance and music.


In case you missed our previous Salon: 
Sunday October 29, 2023 2pm EDT/7pm CET

A Salon from the Geelvinck Collection, Netherlands

with guest artist

Lucie de Saint Vincent,

Specialist in music of French women composers

and Geelvinck Collection director Jurn Buisman


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View a Salon from September 10th, 2023

"Guests at the Table: New Voices from the 18th c. Galant" 

The music of Jane Mary Guest (1762-1846) and Marianne Martines (1744-1812)


We enjoyed another illuminating and entertaining Salon, with informative discussion and excellent music-making on early pianos. Our focus this episode was on two women composers of the galant era-- Jane Mary Guest and Marianne Martines--  whose music deserves to be heard and appreciated for their mastery of composition and authenticity of voice. 

Featuring guest artist and fortepianist Patricia Garcia Gil, and your hosts Yi-heng Yang and Maria Rose


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