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Sunday 10/29, 2 pm EDT
7 pm CET
From the Geelvinck Museum, Netherlands

Fortepianist Lucie de Saint Vincent ( performs on fortepianos from the Geelvinck Museum Collection in the Netherlands ( Our outstanding guest artist will play the music of Marie Bigot and Helene Montgeroult. We will also be given an intimate tour of some of the beautiful pianos of this collection, including pianos by Stein, Haschka and Erard, by museum director Jurn Buisman.

Lucie de Saint Vincent 

Jurn in rotstuin okt 2020 vierk .jpeg

Gijs Wilderom
Geelvinck museum fortepiano restorer 

Jurn Buisman
Director Geelvinck Museum

 Sunday September 10, 2023 EST

"Guests at the Table: New Voices from the 18th c. Galant" 

Join us for another illuminating and entertaining Salon, with informative discussion and excellent music-making on early pianos. Our focus this episode will be on two women composers of  the galant era, whose music deserves to be heard and appreciated for their mastery of composition and authenticity of voice. 


Doctoral candidate at University of North Carolina Greensboro and talented fortepianist Patricia Garcia Gil  joins us as our special guest.  An expert on the composer Marianne Martines (1744-1812), Gil will discuss Martines' education and influences, including common practices in the 18th century.  Gil is completing a new historically informed, critical edition of Martines' three surviving Keyboard Sonatas, which Gil will make available along with recordings, on the website



Salon host Yiheng Yang will give us a preview of videos and recordings from an upcoming album she has made for the Deux-Elles label (the first complete recording of these works) of the Six Sonatas op 1, of Jane Mary Guest (1762-1846) with Aisslinn Nosky (renowned baroque violinist and concertmaster of The Handel and Haydn Society). Guest was a talented pianist and composer, born in Bath, student of JC Bach, and teacher of Princess Amelia and Princess Charlotte of Wales.  As the Sonatas reveal, Guest was an exceptional composer with unending ideas, wit,  creative expressiveness on par with her teacher and other better-known contemporaries. 

YouTube and Facebook livestream links will also be provided here, the day of the Salon

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